Dermapore is a leading brand of sterilized wound dressings, fix roll and surgical tapes. Dermapore is widely used for wound management by accelerating the wound healing process and reducing the risk of any fungal infections. Dermapore uses hypoallergenic adhesives that do not cause any damage or irritation to the skin while applying or removing.



Non-Woven Paper Surgical Tape

Dermapore Non–Woven Surgical Paper Tape is coated with hypoallergenic non–irritating acrylic adhesive on microporous medical grade paper having good air permeability, which allows smooth perspiration of the skin. It is gentle on the skin while applying and removing. It is devised to secure postoperative dressings and gastrostomy tubes, cannulas, and I.V. needles.

Tape Chart


Surgical Wound Dressing

Dermapore surgical wound dressing is specially designed to protect postoperative wounds. Its soft and flexible fabric provides an easy application on complicated parts of the body, such as Joints, feet, fingers, and knees. It is available in different sizes to cover all types of wounds from minor injuries like cuts, grazes, and stitches to big wounds like laparoscopic and cesarean surgeries

Dressing Chart
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Dermapore Fix Roll is a hypoallergenic Surgical Tape made from porous, flexible, and non-woven fabric. It is specially designed to support primary dressings and to secure medical equipment like catheters, cannulas, and I.V. needles.

Fix Roll Chart
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