Saniplast is a household name and a trademark brand of hypoallergenic bandages. These are applied to small wounds, cuts, and injuries. To reduce and minimize the contingency of infection spreading across and worsening the injury. Saniplast helps protect the injury from dust, germs, and water making it immune to all kinds of infection.

It is made up of a porous PVC film which makes it water-resistant. The presence of small pores makes the bandage breathable. The injury soundly ventilated without compromising on protection. Saniplast first aid bandages have acrynol pad in the center of each strip. It keeps the injury shielded and ensures rapid recovery. It comes in different sizes and materials such as Saniplast Medium, Large, Junior, Fabric, Aqua, Spot, and Square for different types of wounds.

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  • Saniplast Large first aid bandage is recommended for the use of protecting larger wounds.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    Large 20’s 25mm x 72mm 20-Strips 144-Boxes
  • Saniplast Spot protects smaller knicks and wounds from exposure to out side  elements. Perfect for applying after an injection prick or blood test.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    Spot 20’s 25mm Ø 20-Strips 144-Boxes
  • Saniplast Square best applied to blisters & scuffs caused by friction (from shoes wearing) or excessive perspiration, resulting in the build up of fluid underneath the upper layer of skin.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    Square 20’s 38mm x 38mm 20-Strips 144-Boxes
  • Saniplast Assorted first aid bandage is a convenient pack that has all the sizes that you will need and is great to have around the house or office. No matter how big or small the wound is, the assorted pack is sure to have a bandage for it.

    DESCRIPTION Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
     Assorted 20’s (4 in 1) 08-Medium




  • Saniplast Medium first aid bandage is the perfect size for most small cuts and wounds. It protects them from germs and any outside elements.

    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    1 Medium 10’s 20mm x 72mm 10-Strips (Sachet) 300-Boxes
    2 Medium 20’s 20mm x 72mm 20-Strips 144-Boxes
    3 Medium 100’s 20mm x 72mm 100-Strips 100-Boxes
  • Saniplast Junior Pororo First Aid Bandage is designed with a younger audience in mind. Using cartoon characters and colors  that are visually appealing, children  love to apply it on their wounds. The wounds are  protected and the children have a smile on their face.

    Available in 4 colorful designs.

  • Saniplast Fabric first aid bandage is a hypoallergenic and antiseptic pad mounted which assures quick recovery of minor wounds, cuts, blisters and insects bites. The antiseptic pad of the bandage protects the wound while its adhesive coated fabric provides excellent adhesion without causing any irritation to the skin. Its flexible and stretchable.

    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    1 Fabric 20’s 20mmx70mm 20-Strips 216-Boxes
    2 Fabric  100’s 20mmx70mm 100-Strips 100-Boxes
  • Description

    • 2 Ply Pad offers excellent disinfection
    • Saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Individually sealed for convenience and safety


    • Use for preparation of the skin prior to an injection

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