Dermapore Surgical Wound Dressing

For mild and moderate exuding wounds Dermapore Surgical Wound Dressing offers a quick and easy way of dressing the injury. This product offers an optimum environment for the wound to heal causing it to heal faster. The most important reason to dress a wound is to avoid further complications which are why these bandages are made to be hypoallergenic. Whole dressing normally people find out later on that the ointment they used has stuck to the wound making it excruciatingly painful to remove due to this reason Dermapore surgical wound dressing is made to have a non-stick absorbent pad to be placed where the wound is making the adhesive stick around the wound. Not only does this soak up the fluids leaking out of the wound but it helps keep in the medicine applied for work better.

Dermapore has the following product range for wound management:

Dermapore Non-Woven Wound Dressing:
(6 cm × 7 cm & 9 cm × 10 cm, 9 cm ×15 cm & 9 cm ×20 cm, 9 cm ×25 cm & 9 cm ×30 cm)

Dermapore Sterilized Surgical Wound Dressing is a sterilized dressing made from porous, flexible non-woven fabric. Its porous structure allows skin moisture to permeate and skin to breathe. Its hypoallergenic adhesive will not irritate the skin and cause maceration. The center laminated pad does not stick to the skin.

Dermapore Non-Woven Fabric Surgical Tape:

Dermapore Fix Roll is a hypoallergenic Surgical Tape made from porous, flexible, and non-woven fabric. The porous structure allows skin moisture to permeate and skin to breathe. Its hypoallergenic does not cause maceration and can be applied for fixation of wound dressings on large parts of the body.

Dermapore Non-Woven Surgical Paper Tape:

Dermapore Non – Woven Surgical Paper Tape is coated with hypoallergenic non –irritating acrylic adhesive on microporous medical grade paper having good air permeability, which allows smooth perspiration of the skin. It is gentle on the skin while applying and removing.

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  • Non-woven Fabric Sugical Tape

    • Non-woven Fabric
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Flexible and elastic.
    • Wash proof.
    • Painless removal with no residue.
    • Allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement
    Fix Roll 2.5cm x 10m 4-Rolls 24-Boxes
    Fix Roll 5cm x 10m 2-Rolls 24-Boxes
    Fix Roll 10cm x 10m 1-Rolls 24-Boxes
  • Dermapore sterilized surgical wound dressing for mild to moderate exuding wounds.

    • Non-woven Fabric
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Sterilized
    • Water proof
    • Non-stick absorbent pad
    DESCRIPTION SIZE Dressings/Box Boxes/Carton
    Dressings 6cm x 7cm 10-Dressings 84-Boxes
    Dressings 9cm x 10cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
    Dressings 9cm x 20cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
    Dressings 9cm x 25cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
    Dressings 9cm x 15cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes

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