Saniplast – First Aid Kit

Saniplast is a well-known name in Pakistan. This is a brand of adhesive bandages that come in various sizes and materials depending on what it is needed for. This bandage consists of an antiseptic pad in the center which is placed over the targeted area providing a prime environment for the body to heal the wound. For it to stay in place the band consists of tissue-friendly adhesive which is also hypoallergenic. It makes it safe to use on sensitive skin as well. The product is very easy to apply. It is used to help the wound heal fast before there are any chances of it worsening.

Saniplast Meets Your Requirements

Saniplast offers adhesive bandages specified for every need. For a normal cut or abrasion, the most commonly used product is large or medium Saniplast. When the injury is on a joint where flexibility is required the solution is Saniplast Fabric. If you work with water quite often or constantly wash where the abrasion is the recommended product is Saniplast Aqua Bandage. For blisters and problems that cover a small area, Saniplast Square is the way to go. For injection prick and tiny nicks like that Saniplast spot keeps the fluids soaked. Saniplast also offers an assorted pack that consists of the products; large, medium, square, and spot. To help keep kids from wanting to remove their bandage Saniplast offers a special range of Saniplast junior bandages that have cute designs having cartoons on it. Choose the bandage to meet your requirements.

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  • Saniplast Medium first aid bandage is the perfect size for most small cuts and wounds. It protects them from germs and any outside elements.

    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    1 Medium 20’s 19mm x 72mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes
    2 Medium 100’s 19mm x 72mm 100-Strips 100-Boxes
  • Saniplast Fabric first aid bandage, protects the wound from  germs, dust hence keeping wound safe from infection. It is  made up of  fabric cotton and antiseptic pad.

    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    1  Fabric 20’s 20mm x 70mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes
    2  Fabric 100’s 20mm x 70mm 100-Strips 100-Boxes
  • Saniplast Aqua first aid bandage is made with a special, transparent and ultrathin polyurethane film which acts as a barrier against water and bacteria on small wounds & cuts.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
     Large 20’s 25mm x 72mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes
  • Saniplast Junior is available in attractive cartoon character Auzi & Momi, colored strips, which the children love to apply on their wounds  for protection & safety when they get wounds or cuts.

    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    1 Junior 20’s (AUZI) 20mm x 56mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes
    2 Junior 20’s (MOMI) 20mm x 56mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes
  • Saniplast Assorted first aid bandage is a convenient pack that has all the sizes that you will need and is great to have around the house or office. No matter how big or small the wound is, the assorted pack is sure to have a bandage for it.

    DESCRIPTION Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
     Assorted 20’s (4 in 1) 08-Medium




  • Saniplast Large first aid bandage is recommended for the use of protecting larger wounds.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    Large 20’s 25mm x 72mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes
  • Saniplast Spot protects smaller knicks and wounds from exposure to out side  elements. Perfect for applying after an injection prick or blood test.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    Spot 20’s 25mm Ø 20-Strips 200-Boxes
  • Saniplast Square best applied to blisters & scuffs caused by friction (from shoes wearing) or excessive perspiration, resulting in the build up of fluid underneath the upper layer of skin.

    DESCRIPTION SIZE Strips/Box Boxes/Carton
    Square 20’s 38mm x 38mm 20-Strips 200-Boxes

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