Dermapore is a medical-grade wound dressing and surgical tape supplier. All of their products are manufactured by the well-known company UniFeroz. Their surgical tape is available in two materials; Non-woven fabric surgical tape and non-woven surgical paper tape. The difference being the flexibility of the tape, however, both are high quality and dependable. They are easy on the skin with no strong adhesive ripping your hair when you take it off; it is gentle and porous to reduce the risk of fungal infections or any further complications. The Dermapore wound dressing is exactly what the name suggests. It is a form of ready to use bandage which only has an adhesive base placed on the edges to avoid painful ripping when removed. It is available in 5 different sizes to fit your needs.

UniFeroz is well-known in every hospital in Pakistan to provide sterilized and dependable products. Their quality control works to makes sure you get only the highest quality products.

Dermapore Non-Woven Wound Dressing:

(6×7 & 9×10, 9×15 & 9×20, 9×25 & 9×30)
Dermapore Sterilized Surgical Wound Dressing is a sterilized dressing made from porous, flexible non-woven fabric. Its porous structure allows skin moisture to permeate and skin to breathe. Its hypoallergenic adhesive will not irritate the skin and cause maceration. The center laminated pad does not stick to the skin.

Dermapore Non-Woven Fabric Surgical Tape:

Dermapore Fix Roll is a hypoallergenic Surgical Tape made from porous, flexible, and non-woven fabric. The porous structure allows skin moisture to permeate and skin to breathe. Its hypoallergenic does not cause maceration and can be applied for fixation of wound dressings on large parts of the body.

Dermapore Non-Woven Surgical Paper Tape:

Dermapore Non – Woven Surgical Paper Tape is coated with hypoallergenic non –irritating acrylic adhesive on microporous medical grade paper having good air permeability, which allows smooth perspiration of the skin. It is gentle on the skin while applying and removing.

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    • Non-woven.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Flexible and elastic.
    • Wash proof.
    • Painless removal with no residue.
    • Allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement
    1 Fix Roll 2.5cm x 10m 4-Rolls 24-Boxes
    2 Fix Roll 5cm x 10m 2-Roll 24-Boxes
    3 Fix Roll 10cm x 10m 1-Roll 24-Boxes
    • Dermapore Non Woven Paper Surgical Tape is hypoallergenic, microporous and gentle on skin
    • Applicable for fixation of gauzes & dressings after minor surgical procedures
    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Rolls/Box Boxes/Carton
    1 Surgical Tape 12mm x 4.5m 24-Rolls 40-Boxes
    2 Surgical Tape 25mm x 4.5m 12-Rolls 40-Boxes
    3 Surgical Tape 50mm x 4.5m 6-Rolls 40-Boxes
    4 Surgical Tape 75mm x 4.5m 4-Rolls 40-Boxes
  • Dermapore sterilized surgical wound dressing for mild to moderate exuding wound having,

    • Non-woven
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Sterilized
    • Water proof
    • Non-stick absorbent pad
    SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Dressings/Box Boxes/Carton
    1 Dressings 6cm x 7cm 10-Dressings 84-Boxes
    2 Dressings 9cm x 10cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
    3 Dressings 9cm x 15cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
    4 Dressings 9cm x 20cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
    5 Dressings 9cm x 25cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes

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