Uniplast – F Fabric 80’s

Uniplast – F Fabric 80’s

Variant: Medium

Usage: For  Small cuts, Blisters, wounds for rough skin

Strip Size: (20 mm x 72 mm)

Strips /Box: 80 Strips

Boxes/ CTN: 100

Uniplast-F i first aid bandage protects the wound from germs, dust hence keeping wound safe from infection.

The strip is hypoallergenic bandage. It is made up of fabric sheet which makes it s grip on human skin stronger and it passes air to the skin keeping skin fresh. An acrynol pad keeps the wound clean.


  • Strong adhesion, soft and highly flexible fabric to bend and conform to different shapes and forms.
  • Fabric weaves and porosity of adhesive mass allows ventilation of wound and skin.
  • Hypoallergenic and wash proof
  • Medicated absorbent pad gives low adherence to the wound and thus promotes quick and natural healing.
  • Easy to peal off inner wrapping


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