Saniplast Fabric Family Pack

Saniplast Fabric 100’s

Usage: Hypoallergenic and wash proof
Strip Size: (20 mm x 70 mm)
Strips /Box: 100 Strips
Boxes/ CTN: 100 boxes


SANIPLAST First Aid (Fabric) Bandages available in different Shapes and Sizes to suite every type of small cuts, wounds, nick and Bruise Saniplast Fabric Bandage is coated with zinc hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive on cotton fabric, mounted with antiseptic pad, protected by Siliconized and easy to peel off heat seal paper.


  • Strong adhesion, soft and highly flexible fabric to bend and conform to different shapes and forms.
  • Fabric weaves and porosity of adhesive mass allows ventilation of wound and skin.
  • Hypoallergenic and wash proof
  • Antiseptic absorbent pad gives adherence on the wound and promotes quick and natural healing.


Protection of small cuts, wounds, scrapes, blisters, insect bite and other minor injuries. Worn as a protection from blisters and scrapes during sports and work activities


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