Dermapore Wound Dressing

Dermapore sterilized surgical wound dressing for mild to moderate exuding wound having,

  • Non-woven
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sterilized
  • Water proof
  • Non-stick absorbent pad
SN DESCRIPTION SIZE Dressings/Box Boxes/Carton
1 Dressings 6cm x 7cm 10-Dressings 84-Boxes
2 Dressings 9cm x 10cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
3 Dressings 9cm x 15cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
4 Dressings 9cm x 20cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes
5 Dressings 9cm x 25cm 25-Dressings 24-Boxes


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