Dermapore Wound Dressing

Dermapore Wound Dressing

Variant: Non-Woven Fabric Surgical Tape
Usage: Comfortable during application & removal.
Dressing Size:  (9cm  x 10cm) & (9cm  x 15cm)
Dressings / Box: 25 dressings
Boxes/ CTN: 24 boxes

Dermapore Sterilized Surgical Wound Dressing is a sterilize dressing made from porous, flexible Non-woven fabric. Its porous structure allows skin moisture to permeate and skin to breathe. Its hypoallergenic adhesive will not irritate the skin and cause maceration.


  • Water resistant and protects the wounds against moisture and will keep the wound dry.
  • Molds to difficult to adhere body parts such as joints, feet, fingers & knees.
  • Non-stick absorbent pad will not stick to wound and can be easily removed.


  • Used in dressing surgical incisions after post operative
  • In accidents & emergency for cuts, laceration and saturated wounds.
  • Protects the wound s against external factors by creating a barrier.


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