Uniferoz is  a manufacturer  of  First  Aid  Bandages,  Surgical  Tapes, and Wound Dressings since 1990. It is a prominent name  in both domestic & export markets.

SANIPLAST, NICHIPORE & DERMAPORE are well recognized brands among targeted audiences, in their respective categories. Our products are also exported to Asia Pacific, Central Asian, African & Middle Eastern countries.

ISO 13485:2016, CE Certifications and GMP guidelines of DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) ensures that we follow the international  standards for medical devices in the manufacturing process.

We represent NAOS for the marketing and distribution of their brand Bioderma in Pakistan since 2013.
We have recently introduced a range of Dermacosmetics under the brand SANIDERM. The SANIDERM skin care range is being positioned as natural solution for all skin needs.

The world is our market . . .

Medical Divisions at Uniferoz

The Medical Division’s activities are focused into two areas i.e. Hospital Disinfectants & Surgical Wound Dressings and Tapes. Uniferoz has the privilege to market world’s best quality disinfectants imported from Schulke & Mayr, Germany, which are well accepted in all the leading hospitals of Pakistan. The surgical tapes and wound dressings are of high quality as per the international standards and are well accepted by the medical community when it comes to dealing with wounds and its care.

Medical division has two major segments.

1) Sales Management 2) Product Management

Product ranges are as follow:
Surgical Tape
Wound Dressings
Hospital Disinfectants

Our brand SANIPLAST is sold all across Pakistan and is a household name.

We believe in continuous innovation & market research. We keep ourselves updated with new products and brands, market researches and satisfying consumer needs.


We take a careful look at what we have done best in the past and initiate elements that add value to our products. This is the reason why our consumers have trust in our market offerings & our first aid solutions have supreme equity nationwide.

Uniferoz has a strong distribution and sales network country wide and it serves as the backbone to the organization. Our distribution and sales network covers more than 100 towns throughout Pakistan.

UNIFEROZ is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of First Aid Bandages, Surgical Tapes and Wound Dressings in Pakistan. Our brands SANIPLAST AND DERMAPORE are well recognized and accepted both in the domestic and export markets. We have been exporting our products globally for the last 15 years. Product quality is assured by following GMP standards as per the guidelines of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and implementing CE, ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2012 procedure guidelines. We offer both our brands as well as OEM possibility of supplying your own brand in any of the products categories.