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    • Cleanses and purifies oily skin and removes make-upFor combination or acne prone skin
    • 100 ml
  • Variant: Tube

    Product Composition

  • 3 in 1 solution (Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Soother) for all types of skin even for the most sensitive one

  • 3 in 1 solution (Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Soother) for all types of skin even for the most sensitive one

    • 3-in-1 solution Removes makeup, Cleanses skin, Smoothens skin
    • For all skin types
    • Combines performance and very high tolerance
    • Cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes
    • Soothes and clears up irritated skin
    • Produces a feeling of instant freshness
    • Non-rinse

    Product + :

    • Even removes water-resistant make-up
    • One bottle of Sensibio H2O sold around the world every 5 seconds!
  • Usage: Regular daytime moisturizer Product Form: Fluid Pack Size: 30ml

    • Prevents pigmentation for all skin types
    • Enriched with moisturizing agents cleanses,even outs and brightens overall complexion
    • Can be used as facial mask once or twice a week
    • All skin types
    • Lightens, evens out and enhances the face’s radiance
    • Promotes the disappearance of brown spots and keeps them from appearing
    • Light and pleasant gel texture

    Product + :

    • Depigmenting efficacy proven for 85% of subjects*, after 56 days of using the White Objective cream and serum.

    *Evaluation of the depigmenting effect on epidermal melasma, Poland 2007.

    • Repairs and softens cracked heels
    • Hydrates dry and rough feet
    • Whitens brown spots on heels
    • Suitable for Diabetic Foot Care
    • Brightens the overall complexion.
    • Whitens brown spots, tans & sun damage, freckles, birthmarks.
    • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmented skin.
    • Improve skin texture and clarity.
    • Evens out skin tone.
    • Repairs and softens dry and chapped hands.
    • Hydrates dry and rough skin.
    • Softens cuticles and dry, ragged edges.
    • Whitens age spots, freckles and brown spots on hands.
  • Variant: 03 Rolls
    Usage: Fixation of gauze & canula’s during surgical procedures
    Strip Size: Wide (100mm x 4.5mtr)

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