For over 125 years, a pioneering spirit has been the basis of our success. In 1889, the company Schülke & Mayr GmbH was founded by Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr in Hamburg. The cornerstone of the company’s success was laid with the first branded disinfectant lysol® that brought victory over the cholera epidemic in Hamburg in 1892.
Schulke’s philosophy has been centered around one concept: hygiene. Our products and services protect people and materials against infections and contamination. In so doing, we have learnt that the prevention of infections is considerably easier than fighting them.

With a wide range of highly specific products, expert advice and reliable service, we are able to create holistic hygiene solutions for customers all over the world. Effective protection against infection and contamination is our principle task.

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    • Non-irritating and skin friendly
    • Continues use leads to early prevention of norovirus epidemics
    • Color and fragrance free, therefore hypoallergenic
    • 150 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter in Liquid and Gel
    • aldehyde-free
    • suitable for flexible and rigid endoscopes
    • patented combination of active ingredients
    • broad microbiological efficacy
    • aldehyde-free
    • pleasant mild smell
    • very good cleaning performance
    • broad spectrum of microbiological efficiency
    • shortened contact time in ultrasonic bath
    • very broad biocidal activity within the shortest possible time
    • good wetting properties
    • dries rapidly without leaving smear
    • ready to use, impregnated disinfection wipes
    • very broad biocidal activity within the shortest possible time
    • dries rapidly
    • wide range of wipe sizes and packaging
  • sporicidal

    pleasant and fresh odour

    compatible to incubators

    • Aldehydes-free
    • Provides excellent cleaning performance
    • Has a discreet, pleasant and fresh fragrance
    • OGHMP registered
    • Node formation of tiles, mosaic, marble and others
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